Daily brushing of scalp

The convenience of daily scalp brushing support the regeneration of the scalp

It is a mistake to believe that hair brushing accelerates hair loss. If you care your scalp after our recommendation, you’ll quickly discover how enjoyable and relaxing daily scalp brushing can be . By daily brushing:

  • Fat and sebum are pushed out of the scalp pores and xthe natural scalp and hair care are supported
  • Hair muscles are trained
  • Blood circulation and lymphatic system of the scalp are supported
  • Glued fascia of the scalp are unblocked
  • After a period of time less tallow fat and sebum is extracted to the scalp, thereby the hair wash often can be delayed by one day

Brush 30 seconds from the right temple to the left tip of the ear

Brush 1 minute from the forehead to the neck

Brush 30 seconds from the left temple to the right tip of the ear

Brush 30 seconds from the right temple to the left tip of the ear

We recommend that you do daily three minutes something good for yurself and your scalp: You may brush longer and more times but at least 1x per day for 3 minutes is sustainably supporting the scalp in their function.

Let you advise by your Hair Active Expert in your area to find the appropriate brush.

Tipp: If you apply our Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic and Ayurveda Hair Active Spray to the scalp after brushing, our products are much more effective.