Hair and Scalp Analysis Camera

Our experts photograph roots to analyse hair in microscopic detail

How we use it:

YELASAI’s Hair and Scalp Analysis camera is a hand-held camera that photographs a clients’ roots at varying magnifications.

Using a high-quality 50-200mm lens, our experts focus the camera at various sections of the head. The photos are sent to a screen which is looked at in real-time by the client and consultant.

Our hair loss experts can take up to 40 photos of the scalp in one sitting. We use the photos to analyse the current state of the scalp, and track hair growth progress.

Why we use it:

By zooming in on the details of hair in a consultation, we can intimately inspect specific parts of the scalp and identify symptoms of hair loss.

Our experts use a camera to identify the causes of scalp irritation at a closer level and build up an overall understanding of the clients hair, without relying on assumptions.


An educational tool:

The camera is an educational tool for both our expert and the client, to understand the general condition of the hair and help move forward with appropriate support.

Gianni Coria make scalp analysis with the scalp camera

Our scalp camera helps us identify:

  • The need for nourishment in the scalp and roots

  • Excess oil and grease

  • The presence of dead hair

  • The varying thickness of hair across the head

  • Dandruff and dead skin

  • Clogged pores

  • The consistency of colouring

  • Inflammation and redness

  • Product residue

  • An in-depth view of the hair and scalp

Using the Scalp camera to track hair growth progress

Client with Alopecia Universallis

Our client started YELASAI care in July 2019. For the first few months, it can be difficult to notice visable improvement. We use the scalp camera to build confidence and assure our clients that progress is indeed being amde.

After 11 months of support, our clients hair has flourished and great progress has been made.

Images 1 & 2: Initial consultation - Scalp camera images so no hair, only strongly bonded pores

Images 3 & 4: After 1.5 months of treatment - Scalp camera images show signs of the first flaming hairs and show that the scalp has calmed down.

Supporting clients with hair concerns

At YELASAI, we feel fortunate to help people with a variety of hair challenges. Hair is a senstive issue that we approach with professionalism and support. We understand the impact that hair loss and thinning can have on a person’s confidence and are proud to help clients naturally restore hair growth and confidence.

If you are experiencing alopecia, hereditary hair loss, female pattern hair loss, or thinning, speak to one of our hair loss experts for professional support. 

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Our experts:

Our Hair Active Expert can assist you in finding the proper and the best hair care solutions and treatments suitable to your hair care needs.

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