Scalp analysis with the scalp camera

Your Hair Active Expert is your specialist for professional scalp and hair care.

The Hair Active Expert analyses your scalp with 50- and 200-fold magnification. About 40 images of your scalp will show you clearly what reasons led to the current condition of your hair.

Through professional analysis with the scalp camera you can see:

  • how well your hair roots are nourished
  • how much hair is in the growth phase
  • the consistency of grease on your scalp
  • how many dead hair are available
  • which hair thickness of the newly growing hair
  • whether each scalp pore is occupied by a hair
  • and much more
Gianni Coria make scalp analysis with the scalp camera
Logo Scalp analysis

The scalp analysis helps you to understand the current situation and thus to find the appropriate scalp and hair care.

The Hair Active Expert will accompany you to vital hair with the right hair care solution – tailored to you and your needings.

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