Hair Vitalization

A hair cutting technique that showcases your hair’s natural beauty

We care about leaving a lasting impact on hair. When a YELASAI consultants cut your hair, they use techniques that keep your hair looking and feeling fuller for weeks at a time.

As well as stimulating hair growth, our Hair Active Experts cut hair in a way that is easier to maintain, and encourages thickness and vitality.

Look for the hair vitalization logo next to an experts name, to find your nearest trained consultant.


Hair Vitalisation Logo

The technique

We use an adapted a hair cutting technique from the 70's, and pair it with our Ayurveda-inspired products to promote long-lasting thickness and shine. 

Our consultants cut hair in a sequence of angles to ensure that hair compliments your natural movements. Hair Vitalization gives hair a lightweight feeling that is easy to style and maintain.

Experienced Consultants

Our Hair Active Experts are experienced hair professionals. We only recruit those who have the skills and experience necessary to help clients achieve their ultimate hair vitality. Whether you are experiencing a form of hair loss or are looking to enhance and maintain your hair’s natural beauty, our experts are here to help.

We use natural scalp stimulating ingredients

We use YELASAI's high-quality Ayurveda ishampoos and conditioners to care for your hair, as we cut it. Clients are provide with an indulgent consultation that leaves a lasting impact on hair. The organic oils and extracts exfoliate and nourish the scalp, to delicatley care for roots. 

When paired with our cutting technique, clients leave our salons with shiny hair that is fuelled with essential nutrients and vitmains. 

The benefits of Hair Vitalization:

  • Enhanced volume and shape

  • A style that is manageable 

  • A salon fresh style that can be recreated at home

  • Soft, silky, and shiny hair

  • A boost in self-confidence

  • Rejuvenated hair from root to tip

  • Hair that is washed with growth-promoting products

Not your 'average' hair cut

A consultation with a YELASAI Hair Active Expert is not your average hair cutting experience. We give hair the nutrients it needs to stay fuller and fresher for longer.

On visit to one of our partner salons, you can expect to be greeted by an experienced professional who will treat your hair with caution and care. We offer a professional service, expertly designed to bring out the best in all styles of hair.

Caring for hair loss

Many clients come to us after experiencing periods of hair loss. We understand the challenges that hair loss brings and use our experience to help our clients grow hair and confidence. Our Hair Active Experts are specifically trained in encouraging natural hair growth and can help make even the sparsest amounts of hair, appear fuller and denser.

Indulge yourself in a hair cut like no other and experience the best ingredients nature has to offer. The products we use in consultations are free from silicones, hormones, damaging chemicals, and synthetics.

Find the certified Hair Active Expert in your area who will provide you with competent advice and support.