Hair loss in child – What does really help?

Children are especially badly affected by the loss of their hair. On the one hand they cannot understand what is happening in their body and on the other hand they are often exposed to the mockery of their peers. Hence, it is especially important for the well-being of the child that safety is provided and the necessary measurements are taken as soon as possible.

Causes of hair loss in children

Children are sensitive beings that experience emotional stress quickly through a change in the familiar surroundings. A move or a new school situation and sometimes also “only” a fight with the best friend can contribute to hair loss. Disturbances in the hormone levels of the thyroid gland can also often be observed.

Haarausfall beim Kind - YELASAI hilft

The most common hair problems in children:

Circular hair loss in children (alopecia areata)

Hair loss is more common in children than one would think. Especially the circular hair loss – a so called “autoimmune disease” – is widespread. In the process the own immune system of the body turns against the hair roots and lets the hair fall out. In a short amount of time bald circular or oval spots appear due to hair loss. These are quickly also visible for outsiders because the spots cannot be covered up depending on the hairstyle. While girls can cover up the bald spots with headbands or hairclips, are the spots in the majority of cases quickly visible on short-haired boys.

In approximately half of the affected children those bald spots close after time, even without treatment.

Nevertheless it can also be the case that the hair loss advances further and leads to a total hair loss (alopecia totalis). In the worst case scenario it can even lead to the loss of all body hair like the eyebrows, eyelashes and pubic hair (alopecia universalis)
If your child is suffering from circular hair loss, you should observe the development of the bald spots weekly.
With minimal breakout – thus small patches on the head that are not bothering your child (yet) – you can also wait for a while. But when these spots get bigger or you are unsure you can turn to a Hair Active Expert near you. Because the sooner you react the faster the worst will be over.
Find the certified Hair Active Expert in your area who will provide you with competent advice and support.

Hair loss in puberty

In puberty a lot of things are happening in the body. The hormonal balance is being renewed and hugely extended. In this adjustment it can happen that the hair gets thinner or is increasingly lost – especially with girls between the age of 16 and 20. This kind of “diffuse” hair loss mostly affects the whole head and is increasingly visible on the contours of the face. Given that the hormon level can normally balance itself out on its own you do not have to worry. But you can have a positive impact on the process. Ensure a nutricious diet (for example with food supplement) and use a hair growth activating Shampoo. If in doubt, ask a Hair Active Expert near you or contact our specialists also by phone.

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