FAQ- Frequently asked questions about the Hair Active Expert

Here we answer the questions which our customers ask to our Hair Active Experts and our support team.

The result of the hair growth is dependent on the initial position means of the quality of the scalp and the active cooperation. Depending on this, extremely fast results are visible in a few weeks but these cannot be generalized. Each person has a different starting position and another story, has differently strong stress levels and deposits in the scalp. The procedure of the Hair Active Expert has a holistic approach and in most cases, the new hair growth is visible in the first three months. To improve a hair condition a time of around one and a half to two years needs to be expected since hair problems often have a history over decades.

The image documentations, experiences, reports and stories on the YELASAI website were published by our hairdressers - from Hair Active Experts - with the permission of their respective clients. We can guarantee the authenticity of the pictures.

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