FAQ- Frequently asked questions about the Hair Active Expert

Here we answer the questions which our customers ask to our Hair Active Experts and our support team.

When it comes to physical issues, no one can guarantee success. This would be dubious and unprofessional since too many unknown factors could diminish the success. No doctor can give you any guarantee that you will wake up after an anesthetic but from the experience, it goes well. It is the same with the hair and the hair growth. YELASAI GmbH and the service provider of Hair Active Expert offer you products and services. The products are thoroughly tested and matured.

Our experience usually shows changes to the hair and scalp after about three months. The first fine hair can be seen. With these signs you will experience yourself as it slowly goes in the direction you expect. Through the support of a Hair Active Expert, you have a partner at your side who professionally accompanies you with honest inter

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