FAQ- Frequently asked questions about the Hair Active Expert

Here we answer the questions which our customers ask to our Hair Active Experts and our support team.

  • In what languages the information of hair active expert are available?

    Our websites and brochures are currently available in German, English, French, Italian and Slovakian. New languages will be added continuously.

  • How do you support me in case of questions and problems?

    We are proud of our network. Every Hair Active Expert on site will be at your disposal for any questions and will be happy to advise you. Through your decision to be accompanied and supervised by the Hair Active Expert, you will be treated with respect and professionalism. Each individual Hair Active Expert is personally committed to your success in the field of hair growth.

  • How do i recognise hair grow?

    A Hair Active Expert documents the scalp and hair situation regularly. Every two months, your hair growth is photographed. This is extremely important because hair grows slowly. As you look in the mirror every day, you get used to the image quickly and do not always notice the changes in the scalp and hair. Therefore, you can regularly convince yourself of the success by looking at the pictures. Again and again there are pleasant surprises.

    With the approximately 300 hairdressers, which have joined the network of Hair Active Experts, Gianni Coria operates the largest international network, which documents successes in hair growth with a holistic and natural procedure.

  • Who can become a hair active expert?

    The high quality of a Hair Active Expert is very important to the founder Gianni Coria. Only trained hairdressers or beauticians can participate in this further education. Moreover, it is not about mass, but rather that specialists – means Hair Active Experts - carry out the trade at different sites, who have a real interest in providing professional guidance to people in times of hair problems.

  • Does the research continue?

    We constantly develop the holistic YELASAI method according to the experiences and wishes of our customers. The goal of providing you the best service and the highest quality is our constant task.

  • On the yelasai website are images with very quick hairwork results?

    The result of the hair growth is dependent on the initial position means of the quality of the scalp and the active cooperation. Depending on this, extremely fast results are visible in a few weeks but these cannot be generalized. Each person has a different starting position and another story, has differently strong stress levels and deposits in the scalp. The procedure of the Hair Active Expert has a holistic approach and in most cases, the new hair growth is visible in the first three months. To improve a hair condition a time of around one and a half to two years needs to be expected since hair problems often have a history over decades.

    The image documentations, experiences, reports and stories on the YELASAI website were published by our hairdressers - from Hair Active Experts - with the permission of their respective clients. We can guarantee the authenticity of the pictures.

  • Is there a guarantee on hair growth?

    When it comes to physical issues, no one can guarantee success. This would be dubious and unprofessional since too many unknown factors could diminish the success. No doctor can give you any guarantee that you will wake up after an anesthetic but from the experience, it goes well. It is the same with the hair and the hair growth. YELASAI GmbH and the service provider of Hair Active Expert offer you products and services. The products are thoroughly tested and matured.

    Our experience usually shows changes to the hair and scalp after about three months. The first fine hair can be seen. With these signs you will experience yourself as it slowly goes in the direction you expect. Through the support of a Hair Active Expert, you have a partner at your side who professionally accompanies you with honest inter

  • What if i do the treatment and no hair is growing?

    Our holistic concept shows great success. To many people, including those who had already given up hope, we were able to prove that intensive and natural scalp care can stimulate new hair growth. You and the accompanying team need time and patience.

    By the Hair Active Expert you will be professionally accompanied and cared. The scalp is analyzed and you will understand why the hair has not been able to grow until now. During the cure, the scalp condition is regularly documented and the behavior and the change of the hair is recorded with pictures. Through a complete documentation, we can always analyze your individual situation, evaluate and tailor it to your personal needs. Our ambition is to offer you the highest quality and the best service on the market!

  • I have already tried everything, nothing helped, why should do the yelasai treatment?

    Often we experience through our customers that they have never experienced a more revealing and comprehensive consultation than from the YELASAI Hair Active Expert. The YELASAI method works holistically, the quality of your scalp is analyzed and a customized care and nutrition supplement is recommended. In the first three months in which you begin to actively take care of your scalp, you will see for yourself what changes everything to the positive. A vital scalp is the bottom for strong hair growth. Learn and experience the difference personally!

  • How does it help chemo patients to be accompanied by yelasai?

    The greatest fear of many chemists is to lose their hair. For this reason we consider as a Hair Active Expert first not the disease, but the human person. We have had the experience that we can not completely prevent hair loss at any chemotherapy but by the active care of the Hair Active Expert part of the hair does not fall out and the hair can grow up to six months earlier and more consistent than in patients which do not use our treatment. The new hair is thus already visible during chemotherapy. The moment a person with cancer is experiencing the first hair, the feeling of being sick is significantly reduced and vitality takes up again. This means that the holistic approach of the Oncohaircare specialist is to be regarded as helpful for head, skin and soul.

    In an extensive study in a renowned German cancer clinic, we observe the process by actively accompanying the hair care specialist / Oncohaircare specialist to patients. Through this collaboration, we are gaining more and more recognition and legitimation for the support of chemotherapy patients.

    We offer various services to those concerned:
    Learn more about Oncohaircare.
    Find here your Hair Active Expert who offers Oncohaircare.

  • The hair active expert takes pictures from customers – how is it with data & privacy protection?

    Your personal data will be treated confidentially by every Hair Active Expert. for the warranty you will receive a form in which your personal Hair Active Expert guarantees data protection. Only pictures will be published, for which you have given written agreement.

  • Why do the cost vary from region to region?

    Each hair salon has to pay different costs - for location, infrastructure, salon, staff, training, etc. To provide you with the best service in the long term, can the cost of our recommended services vary from hairdresser to hairdresser.

  • Do yelasai products have to be used a life long?

    No, of course not. When your desired hair condition has returned you are free in the further product choice. The YELASAI method is a cure. For a certain time, your scalp is specifically cared and nurtured. It is important to keep the daily scalp brushing and regularly apply natural skin care products, which are head-friendly. Whether you continue to use the holistically inspired YELASAI care products or others – it is your decision. If sometimes is worked with nourishing oils on the scalp, you can experience yourself, as well as when you are already satisfied with the hair condition, the hair becomes denser and thicker, stronger and stronger.

  • What cost the holistic treatment at a hair active expert?

    With the YELASAI Hair Active Expert, you have a partner on your side with which the goal of sustainability is strived. This means: Have you reached your goal in hair quality you are no longer required to use the recommended care products and the hair remains regardless. Since each initial position is individual, the costs are also very individual. Are costs and benefits compared with other providers YELASAI GmbH is one of the most favorable care products on the market and one of the few methods with a sustained and holistic approach.
    Furthermore, it is your personal choice how often you want to make use of the services in the salon of a Hair Active Expert. If new hair growth is striven, we recommend to "deep cleanse" the scalp for 12 weeks once a week and later once a month until you are satisfied with the hair condition. Because the care treatment in the salon is highly appreciated by many customers, there are people who do this treatment at the Hair Active Expert two or three times a week or continuing once a week or - after the active time of 12 weeks, every two weeks. In addition, there are people who are – after a satisfying treatment time of around two years continue to enjoy the massage with the stimulation of meridian and acupressure points – just because it makes them feel good. For this reason, your individual costs can vary and cannot be compared at all. Talk to your local Hair Active Expert and get advice!

  • Can you test the yelasai products?

    YELASAI GmbH does not provide samples or products for test purposes. For the simple reason, since it requires accurate analyzes of the scalp, and then weeks to months, to observe success in hair growth. Therefore, it makes no sense to test products only a few days. With the Hair Active Expert near you, you can test the fragrance of the YELASAI products and the feeling on your skin. Just ask for it!

  • Why there is a network of hair active experts?

    Gianni Coria is the founder of the network of Hair Active Experts. In his search for solutions for people who suffer from hair problems, he had to find out early that a conventional hairdresser hardly learns about scalp care in his education. However, since the quality of the hair growth depends on the quality of the scalp Gianni Coria had decided to educate and train hairdressers on this important point. For this purpose, he bought knowledge from other experienced specialists, therapists and hairdressers to benefit from their decades-old knowledge and to supplement his experience. The decisive factor was that the hair problems of the customers were solved only with natural procedures.

    This expertise is now available to the hairdressers in the network in order to significantly strengthen the competence for scalp care and hair growth. It must be mentioned that this network as well as the number of customers mainly grows via word-of-mouth propaganda, respectively about positive experience reviews.

  • What is special about the products of yelasai?

    Basis of the product range are herbs, which have been fermented for over three years. These are the basis for all hair-stimulating YELASAI care products. For this, herbs are cleansed with valuable microorganisms and converted to useful substances such as enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and bioactive substances and antioxidants. Natural fermentation processes only work with natural raw materials. The process of fermentation is also known from the production of sauerkraut, beer, soy sauce, etc. The fermentation gives the skin a wide range of nutrients. This ensures the uniqueness of the special skin and hair care line.

    Our products are certified by Approved Nature.

  • For whom the hair active expert has been created?

    The Hair Active Expert is addressed to all people who have problems with their hair or scalp - whether it is too thin hair, whether is the so-called circular hair loss, disturbing receding hairlines or a full bald - and these are just a few examples of many.

  • Are there critical voices about yelasai?

    On the Internet, critical voices about of the holistic YELASAI method. The subject of hair growth is controversially discussed and every manufacturer of cosmetic that deals with this topic is suspected first as a cheater. These contributions are usually not scientifically well researched. It's just a matter of placing an overall attack: All cosmetics with regard to hair growth are useless. These contributions are superficial and the truthful background is often not communicated. The holistic approach of the Hair Active Expert has nothing to do with a miracle cure or a panacea. It is rather a logical sequence, which considers many factors that lead to hair problems. Gianni Coria has founded the network of Hair Active Experts to provide education and real help and natural alternatives to hair growth to the people.

    Behind every Hair Active Expert, there is a hairdressing salon with a team. The good reputation in the region is important to every individual hairdresser / coiffure and of utmost importance for its economic success, so the concept of the Hair Active Expert has been critically tested a hundred times by experts – a long time before the introduction in the salon.

  • What is a hair active expert?

    YELASAI Hair Active Experts are hairdressers, means specialists, who have professionally trained themselves in scalp care to advise and to accompany people with hair problems of all kinds - with the aim of promoting and maintaining their natural hair growth.

  • How can i inform me about the hair active expert?

    About 300 hairdressing salons in eight countries share the successes and experiences of the holistic concept of the Hair Active Experts. Talk to an expert near you. You are a hairdresser and want to learn the concept of Hair Active Expert? Ask for free information about our website You have hair problems and would like to get a professional analysis and consultation to understand what has led to your hair problem - and to get help? On our website, you can find the Hair Active Expert near you! You want information about our nutrient-rich care products? Find out more on our website.
    You would like to inform yourselves independently? Read the book "Natural solutions for hairloss" by Gianni Coria, published by Mankau Verlag.

  • What does the yelasai method differ from other procedures?

    The YELASAI "scalp and hair care" concept is based on a natural approach to get beautiful, vital hair or to stimulate the new hair growth. It is less about products, which stop immediately a symptom or a pill/capsule which can be quickly swallowed. As you know, this does not work in the end otherwise you would not be on this website and would look for solutions to grow your hair finally. The care concept of YELASAI is about to sensitize affected persons in the natural skin and hair care and to give them tools with which the goal - healthy, strong hair - is reached or recovered. Most of us have not learned to maintain the scalp properly in the biological sense. As a result, conversion processes are usually difficult in an adult age. But without your active cooperation the hair cannot return. That is why Gianni Coria has established a network of Hair Active Experts so that you can be accompanied on the new active way of scalp and hair care and the conversion can succeed.