Reports from Hair Active Expert Karin El Benna from Coiffure El Benna in Waltalingen

Reports from customers of Coiffure El Benna in Waltalingen

Reports from Hair Active Expert: Karin El Benna is a very experienced hairdresser and expert for herbal hair colors from Waltalingen and as a long-standing Hair Active Expert she can show some very pleasing results of customers with a variety of hair problems. As the world's first certified Hair Active Expert Karin El Benna has been involved decisively in the development of hair growth reactivation concept. At the start of cooperation with YELASAI early 2013 also a customer end fifty with balding at the crown started working with the hair growth activating concept with Karin El Benna. After about 6 months, encouraging results were visible, the hair grew back thicker and stronger. Today the customer is fully satisfied with their hair condition for a long time. Nevertheless, she still comes regularly to Coiffure El Benna for scalp massage and scalp care mask and continues to use the Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo of YELASAI – just because it makes her feel good. Around 5% of chemotherapy patients do not their hair back after chemotherapy. Mrs. Pfister was one of them. For two years she wore a wig, until 2012 was advised of the holistic hair care method of Hair Acitve Expert at her hairdresser Karin El Benna. Mrs. Pfister went to weekly scalp massage to Karin El Benna and applied regularly the hair growth-activating products of YELASAI. 2013 she could be pleased again of full and thick hair. Early 2015 Mrs. Pfister need to have again a chemotherapy when the doctors advised her of the complete hair loss again. This time they started before the new chemotherapy with the specially developed scalp massage and hair growth-activating care products. The applications in combination with care products strengthened their hair so much that Mrs Pfister did not have to suffer of hair loss - she was very pleased. With very great regret we had to find out a short time later that our dear customer Mrs. Pfister died as a result of their serious illness. In 2012, a 62-year-old customer of Karin El Benna suffered a total loss of hair with afterwards only sparse hair growth and big hairless spots. The customer started 2 years ago with the Hair Active Expert program and a half to three quarters of a year later, a nice hair growth was observed. Today her hair is strong and full. She still applies the YELASAI products because of joy as she also continues to enjoy the soothing scalp massage every 6 weeks at Coiffure El Benna. A male customer to the 70 is now working for a good 1.5 years with the concept of Hair Active Expert and and comes regularly to the scalp massage. His chaplet and bald forehead are closing more and more. The customer Marcel Geiger, mid 50, comes every two weeks in the salon of Karin El Benna for regular scalp massage and mask since about two years. Mr. Geiger denotes these applications as very relaxing and applies the YELASAI care products patiently and regularly. His perseverance is rewarded: The sparse hair at the crown, temples and receding hairline are becoming more and more dense. Also Jan, a young man of about 20, can now be pleased about hair growth after one year of application. At the start of the program he has taken hair growth activating medicaments from the doctor which he has stopped after a short time. By the personal hair consultations which Karin El Benna offers, Mrs. Huber came in November 2014 with circular hair loss over the entire head to the approach of Hair Active Expert. Through the weekly scalp massage and the regular application of care products the lady in his 70s can now be pleased about her full hair since May about 2015. Another customer became aware of a newspaper article in the Schaffhauser Nachrichten about Hair Active Expert El Benna. The lady in her 50s is from Germany and suffered from sparse hair growth after chemotherapy. Since spring 2015, the customer comes to the weekly scalp massage and scalp care mask and applies the YELASAI care products regularly at home. Today in August 2015, there are nicely visible 1cm long hair stubbles.

Hair loss is not a final destiny

„Hair loss is not a final destiny anymore and has many causes”, says Karin El Benna. Whether hereditary, hormonal, whether total or circular hair loss: Karin El Benna offers cost free, half-hour consultations about hair loss – A notification in advance is required. For personal consultations Karin El Benna and her team are at your disposal: Coiffure El Benna Neunfornerstrasse 12 8468 Waltalingen 052 745 25 06

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