Hair growth after brain tumor - Customer review

Hair growth after hair loss because of brain tumor

Review by Coiffure El Benna from Waltalingen

Hair growth after brain tumor - This client had to undergo chemotherapy and additional radiation on the head on the advice of doctors because of brain tumor. She was terrified, that the hair on the head would not grow back through these treatments. Full of confidence, the customer was accompanied by YELASAI Hair Active Expert Karin El Benna from Waltalingen. With great success: All hair returned to everyone‘s delight! Thank you very for the opportunity to share these pictures and experiences.

Coiffure El Benna - your expert for natural hair growth in Waltalingen

As a certified Hair Active Expert in Waltalingen, Coiffure El Benna can advise and assist you with hair problems of any kind through a holistic approach. The mature concept consists of ayurvedic-inspired hair care cosmetics, nutritional supplements and the stimulation of meridian and acupressure points over the scalp. To activate hair growth, Coiffure El Benna offers you an effective and holistic solution concept. For hair care and hair growth only natural products are used, which are chosen based on your personal needs.

  • Natural hair thickening by reactivation of your own hair roots
  • For weak, feeble or thinning hair
  • Hereditary hair loss, bald head, receding hairline, hair ring
  • Circular, diffuse hair loss to total hair loss
  • Irregular, thin or badly growing eyebrows
  • Irregular and sparse beard growth

Hair growth after brain tumor and chemotherapy

The preservation of your hair is important to us! We accompany you during oncological therapies as chemotherapy and radiotherapy!

YELASAI is doing pioneer work; specially trained Hair Active Experts accompany you for sensitive hair issues.

In collaboration with a German Cancer Center, we currently accompany cancer patients receiving chemotherapy where 100% hair loss is expected, including eyebrows and eyelashes. In an extensive study, we specifically document and observe the course the impact of chemotherapy on hair and scalp. Already today we can see very pleasant insights by the scalp and hair care developed by YELASAI and company of Hair Active Expert, especially in the part receiving the scalp hair, non-stop hair growth and growth of hair already during chemotherapy, but also the full preservation of eyebrows and eyelashes. Many persons are more afraid of the hair loss than of the therapy itself. The medicine does her best to restore your health. However, chemotherapy or radiation can lead to a significant loss of hair – up to baldness. For many people this hair loss is associated with a great mental suffering. Of course, fashionable wigs are a blessing nowadays.

However, how would it be, if you could keep and strengthen your own hair?

The certified Hair Active Expert is the ideal companion on the subject of hair loss and natural hair growth. Your Hair Active Expert will accompany you before, during and after oncologic therapies as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy and anti hormone therapy. Let us advise you about your options how to maintain your scalp and strengthen your hair by our care.

How do you proceed?

1. You have yet to go through chemotherapy or radiotherapy Ideally, visit your Hair Active Expert 2 – 3 weeks prior to your therapy or best right after diagnosis. By the cooperation of a specially developed Ayurvedic scalp massage and the synchronized hair activating care products, the scalp remains smooth and elastic while the hair is strengthening and growing continuously. 2. You already have hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy You already suffer from hair loss? Your Hair Active Expert can advise and support you thus your hair is re-growing faster, already during your medical treatment. 3. No hair grow after chemotherapy or radiotherapy In up to 5% of the cases, hair is not growing anymore after chemotherapy or radiation therapy, even after years. Your Hair Active Expert can support you to reactivate the hair roots. 4. Strong hair growth after chemotherapy but 2-3 years later thin and weak hair Did you have a strong hair growth after chemotherapy and a few years later, the hair is again thin, weak and failed? By taking proper care of scalp and hair, your Hair Active Expert accompanies you back to new and vital hair. Get professional advice and support

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