Circular hair loss (Alopecia Areata) - Experiences of YELASAI

Circular hair loss (Alopecia Areata) - Experiences of YELASAI

Circular hair loss - Since 2009 I accompany people with Alopecia Areata (circular hair loss). Since the end of 2014 more and more people come with this problem and can have himself treated in the network of Hair Active Expert. The youngest is 3 years old, the elderly is a woman with 73 years and there are a lot between. Most have experienced an extremely severe stress. As an example, no longer accepted as daughter from the father, or just learned that the father is not the biological father to a wife, who has lost her hair due to chemotherapy and whose husband loses his hair also 3 days later although he has neither taken drugs nor something else, just because he did so sorry his wife. Others have trouble to decide and make topics worse than they actually are. Then, there are other cases, who have lost their hair after applying a glue for artificial nails, other by a chemical hair color, others by taking the birth control pill or hormonal depot injectables and some who wanted to solve their hair problem with cortisone treatments and do not have any hair anymore at the end. The biological reason, why the body produces a hair hole exactly at a certain point, I cannot answer yet 100%. However, if you go to a scalp analysis, where you can see the follicles more in detail, you can often realize blockages in the pores. In this case, the regeneration is often faster than in the cases where the pores are no longer visible for some reason. From my point of view, the blockages in the scalp show a detoxification process over the scalp. If the scalp is then not cared correctly or treated with cortisone at the wrong point in time, will intensify the problem of hair loss. For that reason, I recommend a scalp analysis with a scalp camera at a Hair Active Expert, what quickly provides information about the appropriate treatment. Additionally I recommend brushing the scalp every day with an appropriate brush. The scalp needs to be moved! Only the hair is falling out what is anyway not "rooted" anymore. By brushing the scalp, we push the sebum out of the pores, train the hair muscles and further support the fascia, the blood circulation and the lymph. Make sure that you clean your scalp consciously, supply nutrients and do not use synthetic products during the period of active scalp care. Synthetic hair products serve to build a synthetic covering on the hair, what only gives you benefits in the immediate appearance. If someone has problems with the scalp, these substances can continue to prevent the follicles from its biological processes. A picture of a scalp of a 29-year-old woman with Alopecia Areata: [caption id="attachment_5473" align="alignnone" width="300"]Circular hair loss Circular hair loss: A scalp image of a 29 year old woman with Alopecia Areata (Click to enlarge)[/caption]

Circular hair loss? Let advise you by your Hair Active Expert – Your Expert for natural and sustainable help with hair loss

People today are exposed to many challenges at the same time. Stress, hectic in everyday life, environmental pollution, poor quality of food and beverage and improper care of the scalp can affect our organism often more as stated. According to statistics, every second person is affected by hair loss. Approximately since 1999, the so-called hereditary hair loss is also common among women.
Your Hair Active Expert in your area can help you with any type of hair problems by the selective integral method.
Our mature concept consists of Ayurvedic inspired hair care cosmetics, dietary supplements and the stimulation of meridian and acupressure points by massaging the scalp. This offers natural and sustainable results even for hair problems that have persisted over a decade. Our method of taking care of the hair and scalp is founded upon thousand-year old Ayurvedic knowledge which was supplemented by new scientific findings of our time. Our Hair Active Experts are professionally trained and certified specialists on topics as hair, hair loss or natural hair growth. We provide solutions for men, women and children based on our extensive expertise and long-standing experience regarding all types of hair-related matters.
  • Hereditary hair loss or bald head
  • Receding hairline
  • Hair crown
  • Circular hair loss (alopecia areata)
  • Total hair loss (alopecia universalis)
  • Thinning hair
  • Diffuse hair loss on the entire scalp
  • Hair loss trough medication, radiation or chemotherapy
  • As an alternative or support after hair transplantations
  • Hair loss during menopause or after pregnancy
  • Hair breakage and split ends
  • Dandruff
  • Dry scalp
  • Greasy hair
  • Brittle, thin or short eyelashes
  • Irregular, thin or poorly growing eyebrows
  • Irregular and sparse beard growth
Enjoy the discrete and personal advice by Hair Active Expert, the relaxing scalp massage, the beneficial product applications like peeling and masque and a professional scalp analysis. Find a trained Hair Active Expert in your area, who will advise and accompany you professionally.

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