Plant-based supplements for optimal balance and fibre

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Our CORIASE collection is made up of two natural supplements; Wellbact and Hair & Vitals. Wellbact helps to increase fibre levels in the body to support digestion. Hair & Vitals is a powerful organic supplement for optimising overall nutrition.

Although the supplements support the body in different ways, the philosophy behind them is the same. Our CORIASE collection helps to enhance the immune system by introducing powerful natural ingredients to keep its inner systems stable and harmonised.

CORIASE is deisigned to be gentle on the stomach and uses ocarefully selected ingredients to support the body's inner workings. 


Natural vegetable tablets to increase fibre and support the digestive system.

Dietary fibres are the non-digestible parts of plants that pass through the digestive system. Unlike fats and proteins, fibres are not absorbed by the body. Instead, they act as assistants to the digestive system, helping to move waste, prevent blockages, and manage the area.

Fibres can help you feel fuller for longer and promote the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in the gut. Dietary fibres can also alleviate constipation by drawing water into the large intestine and help to solidify waste for smoother bowel movements. 

Fibres help to:

  • Alleviate constipation

  • Promote growth of 'good bacteria' in gut

  • Promote feeling of fullness

  • Encourage smoother bowel movements

  • Manage the gut

  • Regulate blood sugar

  • Regulate and encourage sustainable weight loss

Our natural fibre tablets

CORIASE Hair&Vital Micronutrition

That‘s what makes the Coriase Hair & Vital Micronutrient preparation so valuable for you!

Coriase Hair & Vital uses organic micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals from fruits, lettuce and vegetables, to ensure absorption of the body.

CORIASE Hair&Vital Micronutrition
What makes CORIASE Hair & Vital special

What makes it special?

  • Coriase Hair & Vital micronutrients are manufactured in Switzerland under GMP-compliant conditions.
  • All ingredients are tested and certified.
  • It does not contain dyes and of course no preservatives.
  • Interfering reactions of the micronutrients with one another are ruled out since they are integrated separately into plant cell aggregates.
  • Gluten free
  • Guarantees optimal distribution form within the blend.
  • The fact that it is incorporated organically or in form of a plant matrix provides it with a sustainable, slow-release physiological effect.
  • The granular form allows it to be eaten with a spoon instead of individual capsules or tablets.

Take 1 scoop of granules in the morning and evening or in the morning and at noon directly or mixed with 1 dl of water, fruit/vegetable juice or stirred in yoghurt..