Ayurveda Scalp Massage by Hair Active Expert

Massage the scalp for vital hair growth

Beautiful and vital hair is considered something very special that must be cared and preserved for. This is why our Hair Active Experts care about helping you professionally with hair loss as well as with any kind of hair problems. Our customers who visit one of our Hair Active Experts once a week during 12 weeks see first improvements in a short time. Stronger hair growth will additionally become visible through our scalp massage. This is the case irrespective of how long you are already suffering from hair problems.

The YELASAI scalp massage by the Hair Active Expert
Find the certified Hair Active Expert in your area who will provide you with competent advice and support.

Our scalp massage has a holistic effect and stimulates the entire organism.

The YELASAI head massage speeds up the metabolism

Through the activation and stimulation of the metabolism the body detoxification is accelerated. The scalp benefits from an improved blood circulation while the hair roots are being supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. Already after a few weeks you can identify the growth of stronger and thicker hair. The scalp massage is the ideal addition to our Ayurveda Active products and delivers even quicker results. This is also the case during or after conventional medical treatments such as chemotherapy or the like.

The Hair Active Expert accompanies you professionally during 12 months with a weekly Ayurveda scalp massage.

After that we recommend getting your scalp massaged once a month until you are satisfied with the result. With hair care during conventional medical treatments, like for example chemotherapy, we accompany you weekly through the scalp massage during six months or however long you’d like our companionship.

The Hair Active Expert in your region is happy to advice you with his know-how.

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